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In the 'Battle of Carthage' in the Colosseum, one of the chariots is turned over. Once the dust settles you can see a gas cylinder in the back of the chariot.
When Bateman hits Paul Allen with the axe for the first time, the blood sprays on him before he actually hits him. Also the blood comes from a different angle.
When Tony Stark is on stage at the Stark Expo, he is visibly walking forward in close-up shots. In every long-shot, he is shown standing in the very center of the stage.
At the end of the movie when the pink diamond, now cleaned and mounted, is being placed into a vault drawer, the diamond shown appears to be almost twice as large.
Buzz's wings should have been caught on the car track loop when he demonstrates how he flies.
The wheels on Marty's skateboard when the Doc backs the DeLorean out of the truck change from yellow to pink.
When Kevin and Marcus have just beaten up the ice cream deliverers, they pull off their fake chest hair. In the next shot, the chest hair is back, then in it is gone agian.
When Adam is given the cigarette, he fakes his death and falls to the ground. The saw he broke in the beginning is lying intact on the right side of his head.
When the Minis are being chased by the helicopter, at one point they drive across a park. On the grass, you can clearly see tire tracks from previous takes.
During the infamous bathroom scene, when Mary knocks on the door and Ted looks around to find 'it' he turns twice toward the camera revealing a spotlessly clean left ear each turn.
Many of the monsters jump and slam from beyond the three point line but every one is only counted as two points.
During the entire scene on top of the Empire State building, the sun is at least ten times bigger than normal.
The elephant skeletons would have to come from freakishly large elephants. Hyenas could not pass through the trunk socket of an elephant's skull.
When Amanda becomes entangled in the underwater plane, you can see a diver behind her trying to hide from the camera.
When they steal the bus from the school for the blind, it never has plates on it. After they arrive in Austin, plates show up on the bus but then disappear and reappear
During the final battle, the Mad Hatter sticks a pin cushion pin into the Knaves' eye. In all subsequent shots of the Knave, his eye shows no damage.
When Evie is being processed, it is quite clear that the person shaving her head has normal looking hands, and not burnt hands like when V cooks her breakfast.
During the final fight scene a Spartan says to his king 'my king, it's an honor to die at your side.' His '6-pack' abs are clearly airbrushed.
The line: 'Imagine what I could do in seven' is incorrect. Genesis says God did it all in 6 days, and on the 7th day he rested.
Maggie's fight name of Mo Chuisle is obviously Irish, but she is piped in by Scottish pipers with bagpipes, rather than Irish pipers with uilean (elbow) pipes.
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