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Can you name the answers of this Family Guy quiz (volume 2)?

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In which fictional town do the Griffins live?
In which street do the Griffins live?
In which country does Peters real father live?
What is Lois' maiden name?
How did Joe Swanson came in a wheelchair?
What is Glenn Quagmires profession?
Who is Diane Simmons' colleague?
For what magazine does Brian write?
What is the name of Stewies teddybear?
Where did Peter primarily work as a safety inspector?
What is Brians favorite drink?
Who does the voice of Peter, Stewie, Brian and Quagmire?
What is the production company/distributor of Family Guy?
What is Peters favorite bar?
Peter discovers that his property is not part of the U.S. He declares himself president of what independent nation?
What is the name of the giant chicken?
Why does peter fight the giant chicken?
Who lives in Chris's closet?
What is the name of the greyhound of Lois's parents that Brian finds very beautiful
What is the name of the school attended by Meg and Chris?
What is the name of Glenn Quagmires deceased wife?
What is the name of the boy with his face upside down?
What is Lois's job?
Cleveland is divorced from Loretta, who is his second wife?
What is Peters favorite beer?
Who is the Griffin children's half-brother and Stewie's archenemy?
What car does Peter drive?
What is the name of the dog that Peter got when he thought that Brian was getting too old?
What is Stewies line in the theme song?
Who is the elderly pedophile who likes boys and lives on the same street as the Griffins with his old, crippled dog?

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