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What kind of car did Andy sell Dwight
What tempature does Oscar keep the thermostat?
What does Kevin like to keep it at?
What did Michael think the worst day of his life would be?
What was the full name of 'The Convict'?
What is Michael's prison alias?
What is Michael's suave alias?
What is the nickname given to the heads of the Scranton business park?
What are the last names of the 5 (alphabetical order)
What race was Stanley on Diversity Day?
What race was Angela on Diversity Day?
What race was Dwight on Diversity Day?
What book would Phyllis bring to Desert Island?
What is the name of the character Dwight played in 'Oklahoma'?
What was the name of the kids show Michael appeared on?
What was the name of the child who would go on to become the weatherman?
'Why would you want to raise your cholesterol...'?
What disease is an epidemic?
What flavor of cake does Michael prefer for Meredith's birthday party?
What does Oscar refer to when describing Ryan's 'real crime'
Where does Kevin suggest Jim travel to?
Where does Tobey suggest?
Where does Creed suggest?
What does Andy name his team during 'Beach Games'?
What does Dwight name his?
What does Jim name his?
What does Stanley name his?
What was Kevin's ex-fiance's name?
Who left the 'package' in Michael's office?
'Lord, ____ me strength'
What's Andy's high school gf's job?
What does Dwight plan to teach the children to do on 'Bring your daughter to work day'?
Who does Michael think Karen's father must have been?
What does Michael's injury look like to Stanley?
What is the name of the property manager of the business park?
What is the name of the wharehouse worker that Michael can't name at CRIMEAID?
What color does Angela describe as '****-ish'
What does Jim tell Dwight his major was in college?
What famous leader does Jim print and give to Dwight for his speech?
What concert did Michael smoke a clove cigarette?
Who won bronze in the office olympics?
Who won silver?
Who won gold?
What movie do the employees watch during 'Movie Monday'?
What is the name of the women's suit Michael accidentaly wore?
What movie do Holly & Michael spoof at the company picnic?
What branch did they announce would be shutting down?
What service does Ryan get Kelly to explain on the office olympics?
What kind of cake does Andy want for the combined birthday?
What woman does Creed get fired for the watermark boner?

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