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First PlaceSecond placeCategory
Michael Jackson - Thriller (120 million)Best-Selling Albums
Greenland (822,700 sq mi)Largest Islands
Edmund Hillary (29 May 1953)Everest Summiteers
Baikal (5,700 cu mi)Largest Lakes
Brazil (210)World Cup Goals
United States (251 million)English Speakers
Lord of the Rings ($2.91 billion)Highest-Grossing Trilogies
Sahara (5.3 million sq mi)Largest Non-Polar Desert
Vatican City (.2 sq mi)Smallest Countries
HydrogenChemical Elements
Word OriginsCommon Jeopardy! Categories
First PlaceSecond placeCategory
Augustus (27 BC-14 AD)Roman Emperors
Jupiter (318 Earths)Lagest Planets by Mass
Chile (M 9.5, 1960)Largest Earthquake
United States (1776)Independence Date from U.K.
Michael Phelps (10)Most Olympic Gold Medals
United States (412)Billionaires ($US)
Indonesia (202 million)Muslim Populations
Saudi Arabia (264.6 billion barrels)Oil Reserves
Lance Armstrong (7)Consecutive Tour de France Wins
New York Yankees (27)World Series Titles
Sudan (967,500 sq mi)Largest African Countries

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