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Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Co.Do the math
Open from 7am until 11pmDo you really need one?
Founded by Roy Allen & Frank WrightFrosty Mug
Latin for 'Horch,' the company's founderQuad-ringed car
Modified form of Echo Bay, the founder's first choice of name for his companyDo you buy the explanation I'm selling?
Last name of its founder, EnzoWait, cars can be red heads?
Named for the number of people who started itGreat burgers and fries!
Named for its founders Gary and MinCan you locate the answer within 10 yards?
Play on 'HTML,' a type of web languageStolen electronic message?
Integrated ElectronicsIt's inside
Danish for 'play well'C'mon, put it together already!
Intended to be the opposite of stealing a carSweet and what? Who and Jill?
Japanese for 'three diamond'Most popular car is named after Darwin's theory
Named for the Greek goddess of victoryDoes winning really make a 'swoosh' noise?
Their first products were 'service games', pinball machines for troops overseasFirst book of the Old Testament?
Named after a character in Moby DickDoes Seattle really need THAT many of them?
Japanese name for the constellation PleiadesWant one of their cars without all-wheel drive? Too bad!
So named because its 'the country's best yogurt'Initially, this answer seems pretty easy
German for 'the people's car'Do that many folks really like insects?
Named for the daughter of founder Dave ThomasYes, can I get the Terminator of bacon please?

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