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QUIZ: Can you name the Arrested Development Alphabet?

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George Sr.'s sibling rivalry video seriesB
It's what chickens don't doC
Uncle Jack's assistantD
Her again?E
The Bluth's one-time cross-dressing maidF
Business idea of Mr. Funke and Mr. Bluth IIG
The kind of mistakes G.O.B. makesH
Party-planning bounty hunterI
He's a proJ
Annyong means hello in this languageK
The blogging lawyerL
You can always tell a _______ ManM
Buster's Uncle FatherO
George Michael has this in the atticP
Tobias' night club, The ________ MaryQ
Mr. FR
Brand of clothing Maeby gifts to her motherS
There's no 'I' in it, at least not where you'd thinkT
The farthest Oscar has ever made it on his Newport Beach-Berkeley walkU
Bluth Company development: Sudden ________V
George Sr.'s lesson teacherW
Motherboy 30?X
Song about George MIchael's workplace: The Big ________ JointY
The Bluth's lawyerZ

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