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Can you name the South Park Characters A-Z?

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Forced Order
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LettersCharacter NameHint
AThe boy's scout leader
BLoo, loo, loo, I've got some apples
CTends to flip people off
DAka General Disarray
ERespect my Authoritahh!!
FSouth Park's priest
GOne of the men who raped Indiana Jones
HDrives the Poo-choo train
IHis real name is Peter
JHas his own talk show
KThey killed him! What bastards!
LStuck in Mr. Slave
MMad scientist
LettersCharacter NameHint
NVietnam veteran
OChose A Million Little Fibers for her book club
PPart of the Canadian Duo
QBut really they're Crab People
RKissed Jesse Jackson's ass
S...must die! (according to cartman)
TWanna get high?
UStan is his newphew, Ned's best friend
VSouth Park Elementary's principal
WStan's girlfriend
YNanny 911!
ZPart of the Council of Nine

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