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What type of animal wants Dan as her own?
The Old Cherokee trick involves what camping necessity?
The movie was released in the year..
How did Billy die?
Song by Culture Club..
The names of Dennis & Elwood's dogs..
The name of Jerry's girlfriend..
Tom Marshall is played by..
What state are they lost in?
Dan's DJ name..
Jerry's rookie card was of..
Burt Reynold's character..
Instead of using blood for the oath, Dan used..
Jerry's forest name..
Matthew Lillard's character..
She had her downstairs pierced...
Airplane Hijacker..
The friend that passed away..
What body part does Del threaten to mount on his mantlepiece?
'Tom, you were a boy scout, weren't you?'
'Abort the.....'
Tom is not an astronaut, he's an...
Dan Mott's profession..
The trio's water transportation..

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