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Can you name the Modern Warfare 3 Achievements?

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Start the Campaign on any Difficulty
Complete Black Tuesday on any Difficulty
Complete Hunter Killer on any Difficulty
Complete Persona non Grata on any Difficulty
Complete Turbulence on any Difficulty
Complete Back on the Grid on any Difficulty
Complete Mind the Gap on any Difficulty
Complete Goalpost on any Difficulty
Complete Return to Sender on any Difficulty
Complete Bag and Drag on any Difficulty
Complete Iron Lady on any Difficulty
Complete Eye of the Storm on any Difficulty
Complete Blood Brothers on any Difficulty
Complete Stronghold on any Difficulty
Complete Scorched Earth on any Difficulty
Complete Down the Rabbit Hole on any Difficulty
Complete Black Tuesday and Hunter Killer on Veteran
Complete Persona non Grata, Turbulence and Back on the Grid on Veteran
Complete Mind the Gap, Goalpost, and Return to Sender on Veteran
Complete Bag and Drag on Veteran
Complete Eye of the Storm, Blood Brothers and Stronghold on Veteran
Complete Scorched Earth, Down the Rabbit Hole and Dust to Dust on Veteran
Complete the Campaign on any Difficulty
Complete the Campaign on Hardened or Veteran
Complete a Special Ops Mission with the Same Amount of Kills as Your Partner
Destroy 2 Enemy Helicopters Without Taking Any Damage in Survival Mode
Finish Off a Juggernaut with a Knife
Buy All the Items from the Weapons Armory
Buy All the Items from the Air Support Armory
Buy All the Items from the Equipment Armory
Get $50,000 in Current Balance in Survival Mode
Survive 1 Wave in Survival Mode
Make It to Wave 10 in Every Survival Mode Map
Complete a Special Ops Mission on Hardened or Veteran Without any Player Getting Downed
Earn 1 Star in Special Ops
Earn At Least 1 Star in Every Special Ops Mission
Earn 48 Stars in Special Ops
Make it to Wave 15 in every Survival Mode Map
Kill 5 Enemies With 1 Grenade in Special Ops or Campaign
Knife 5 Enemies in a Row in Campaign or Special Ops
Collect 22 Pieces of Enemy Intel
Collect 46 Pieces of Enemy Intel
Kill 30 Enemies in Black Tuesday With the XM25
Destroy All the Helicopters in Persona non Grata With Only the UGV's Grenade Launcher
Destroy All Targets With Only 4 Mortar Shells in Back on the Grid
Kill 20 Enemies With a Single Chopper Gunner Run in Return to Sender
Destroy A Helicopter With AC-130 Air Support in Bag and Drag
Destroy 3 Tanks With a Single 105mm Shot in Iron Lady
Kill 10 Enemies With Strafing Runs in Scorched Earth
(Secret Achievement) Kill All 5 Enemies in the 0 Gravity Sequence in Turbulence

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