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Can you name the minor characters in Super Mario (video games)?

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HintCharacter NameAppearance
Bowser calls her 'Chippy'
Bowser's Partner in the Rougeport area.
Is willing to stand around all day, guarding anything for his boss Ishnail.
A famous composer, he works in Melody Bay.
Bowser's male nanny
A bully who lives near Goomba Village
a.k.a.: The Shell Machines of Doom
a.k.a. The Bone-Banging Rockers
Works at the post office in Toad Town.
HintCharacter NameAppearance
Guided Mario, Princess Peach, and Yoshi In 'Mario & Wario'
His ship was the Pagosu.
An honorable swordsman whose defeat resulted in him falling from his chandeleir.
A warrior from Star Road, he was sent to restore peace to the Mushroom World.
He runs Grate Guy's Casino, a casino at Land's End
Its gender is... questionable...
Quote: 'NO WAYY!!'
Worries about Princess Peach A LOT.

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