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What is the wizard hospital
Who is Barty Crouchs house elf
Who was the first goblin Harry ever met
Who is Bellatrix's husband
Who teaches muggle studies at hogwarts
What type of dragon did Viktor Krum face in the triwizard tournament
What creature was in the maze in the triwizard tournament
What is Percy Weasleys wifes name
Where did the Weasleys go on vacation in the Prizoner of Azkaban
What was Voldemorts mothers name
What is Draco Malfoys sons name
Who killed Fred Weasley
What is Madame Maximes first name
What dragon did Fleur Delacour face in the Triwizard tournament
Who was Cho Changs best friend
What quidditch position does Cho Chang play
Who is the house ghost of Hufflepuff
Where did Voldemort go after he left Hogwarts
What creature lives in the black lake of Hogwarts
What spell conjures the dark mark

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