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'Dance Moms' began on?Include the month and year
Which focused on?What was the name of the studio?
That featured?Six girls/oldest to youngest
Who all previously resided in?Include the city
Whose primary 'enemy' was/is?Name of another studio in Canton, Ohio
Who is ran by?Owner of the Candy Apples (first name)
Whose daughter is?Daughter of Cathy (first name)
Who once tried out for?Name of a studio in Pittsburgh, Penn.
Whose first costume was a __ costume.An insect
Who became duet partners with?Sister of Maddie (first name)
Who had competition with?Daughter of Kristie Ray
Who lost at how many competitions?Trick question :)
Whose last National competition number was?Season 3 Nationals number
That paid tribute to?What hurricane?
That was the homeplace of what fight between which moms?Chloe and Payton's moms
That inspired which group dance?Originated in season 4
That included a fight scene between?Christi and Leslie's daughters
Underappreciated and often ethnically stereotyped dancer?Daughter of Holly Frazier
Who had music video conflicts with?Daughter of Jill Vertes
Who wrote the song?First song from Kendall
Which became number one in?Country beside the U.K.
Which made ___ jealous.Mother of Nia Sioux
Who was a ______ at a schoolHolly's profession
Whose favorite Nia solo is?Spoken number inspired by Maya Angelou
Which won?What place (number)?
Amazing dancer that replaced Brooke and Paige in season 5?Daughter of Kira Girard (full name)
Who was from?Studio in Arizona
In?State that the dance studio is from
Who worked alongside?Daughter of Ashlee (full name)
Who officially joined the team in?What season? List the season and number
Who became best friends with?Sister of Maddie
Whose last solo was?Name of Mackenzie's last solo
That lost to?Name of mini (first and last)
Who performed for her _____?Sister or brother?
Who underwent?Torment-filled predicament where your heart fails
Who is the son of?First name of Areana's mom
Who joined 'Dance Moms' in?Name of season and number
Which was the season where _ and _ left?Daughters of Melissa Gisoni
Who were original members since?Name of season and number
Name of Maddie's former best friend.Daughter of Jill Vertes (first and last)
Who joined 'Dance Moms' in?Name of season and number
Whose best solo was?Acronym meaning 'Dead on Arrival'
Which was featured in what season?Name of season and number
Who lost which member?Left supposedly because of a ballet duet/include first and last name
Who joined the team in?Name of season and number
Whose Nationals competition number was called?Used chairs as props
Which won?Include number and the ending letters (nd,rd,etc.)
And lost against what company?Only put acronyms
Who performed what number?Used an actual target on stage
Maddie's first solo in season 1?Original number that brought her to light
Maddie's last solo in season 6?One-letter word
Who left in season 4 because of a fight between Kelly and Abby? Daughters of Kelly (first names only)
Which resulted in what mom suing Abby?Mom of Brooke and Paige (first name)
Who used to dance at what studio?Full name and capitals
As Abby's ___A teacher's pupil is also called a __?
Maddie is recently in a relationship with a boy named?Include first and last names
Who is from?A continent that is also known as a country
Whose best friend's name is ___?Include first and last names
Who has a crush on?Maddie's current best friend/first and last name
Nia created a new song entitled?Her newly released song
That competed with what other artist?Sister of Maddie
Who left 'Dance Moms' in what season?Include the season and number
And her last group dance was called?The girls wore a top hat and suspenders
Which won?Only include number and following letters
Chloe's last solo on 'Dance Moms' was entitled?Inspired by Miley Cyrus
And last group dance was entitled?Dance with the original team
The select team was composed in?Include season and number
And beat the original team how many times?Prime number
Mini that joined the team later in 'Dance Moms'?Daughter of Yolanda/first and last name
Who was often put up against?Daughter of Stacey/first and last name
Elliana's last Nationals solo in season 7 was called?Solo where she lost to Lilliana
Who went up against Lilli's solo called?Include comma when necessary
Who came on top?Daughter of Stacey/first name
Maddie is best known for her __?What a top does
Nia is best known for her ___?Move that Shangela taught her
Kendall is best known for her __?What a top does
Mackenzie is best known for her __?Nickname given for her signature move
The girls all received an acting class from __?Sister of Demi Lovato
The girls auditioned for a music video for _?Mackenzie was elected as the lead
Chloe and Paige's last duet was called?Two bones conjoined together
True/false: Maddie and Nia had a duet together---
True/False: Nia has won first in her solos---
True/False: Jojo has beaten Maddie before---
True/False: Brynn loves slime---
True/False: Jojo has only won once---
True/False: Jojo is a natural blonde---

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