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Can you name the Harry Potter lovers!!!!?

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Can you name the Harry Potter Questions Harry PotterHarry Potter
Neville's favorite subject at Hogwarts
Seamus Finnigan's Patronus
Harry's job when he rows up
Neville Longbottom's parents
Ravenclaw's Headmaster/mistress
J.K. Rowling was originally going to kill who oppose to Sirius
When Moody was flying in 'The Battle if the 7 Potters' who was he flying with
Albus Severus Potter's pet
Hermione and Ron's daughter ( First name )
Who kills Fred Weasley
Mrs. Figg and Filch are both....
Lily Potter's name before Potter
Ron's Quidditch position
Quidditch captain for Gryffindor in the Order of the Phoenix
Oldest Weasley
Umbridge's middle name
The only 2 Weasley children who are not Prefects
The cat of Filch
Can you name the Harry Potter Questions Harry PotterHarry Potter
Harry Potter's Quidditch number
James Potter's Patronus
Spouse Of Lupin
Son of Lupin
Slytherin's ghost
Hufflepuff's ghost
Ravenclaw's ghost
Gryffindor's ghost
The Chamber of Secrets quidditch captain
Son of Narcissa
3 Headed dog
The patronus of Ginny Weasley
What Dumbledore finds himself wishing for
Killing curse
Fluer Delacour's sister
The Death Eater whose name begins with a 'Y'
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