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Can you name every boxer to have held a version of a world title (WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO, Ring Magazine or Lineal) since 2016?

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ThailandWBA Minimumweight
NicaraguaWBA Minimumweight
South AfricaWBA Minimumweight
ThailandWBC Minimumweight
MexicoIBF Minimumweight
JapanWBO Minimumweight
JapanWBO Minimumweight
JapanWBA Light Flyweight
MexicoWBC Light Flyweight
JapanWBC Light Flyweight
JapanIBF Light Flyweight
JapanWBO Light Flyweight
PhillipinesWBO Light Flyweight
JapanWBA Flyweight
MexicoWBC Flyweight
NicaraguaWBC Flyweight
ThailandIBF Flyweight
PhillipinesIBF Flyweight
ChinaWBO Flyweight
MexicoWBO Flyweight
United KingdomWBA Super Flyweight
PanamaWBA Super Flyweight
ThailandWBC Super Flyweight
NicaraguaWBC Super Flyweight
MexicoWBC Super Flyweight
PhillipinesIBF Super Flyweight
PhillipinesIBF Super Flyweight
JapanWBO Super Flyweight
KazakhstanWBA Bantamweight
USAWBA Bantamweight
Dominican RepublicWBA Bantamweight
JapanWBC Bantamweight
United KingdomIBF Bantamweight
PhillipinesWBO Bantamweight
ThailandWBO Bantamweight
JapanThe Ring Bantamweight
CubaWBA Super Bantamweight
United KingdomWBA Super Bantamweight
United KingdomWBA Super Bantamweight
MexicoWBC Super Bantamweight
JapanWBC Super Bantamweight
MexicoWBC Super Bantamweight
JapanIBF Super Bantamweight
Dominican RepublicIBF Super Bantamweight
United KingdomIBF Super Bantamweight
USAWBO Super Bantamweight
PhillipinesWBO Super Bantamweight
CubaLineal Super Bantamweight
MexicoWBA Featherweight
United KingdomWBA Featherweight
USAWBC Featherweight
United KingdomIBF Featherweight
MexicoWBO Featherweight
UkraineWBO Featherweight
PanamaWBA Super Featherweight
JapanWBA Super Featherweight
MexicoWBC Super Featherweight
MexicoWBC Super Featherweight
USAIBF Super Featherweight
Puerto RicoIBF Super Featherweight
UkraineWBO Super Featherweight
Puerto RicoWBO Super Featherweight
VenezuelaWBA Lightweight
United KingdomWBA Lightweight
USAWBC Lightweight
MontenegroWBC Lightweight
VenezuelaWBC Lightweight
USAIBF Lightweight
CubaIBF Lightweight
United KingdomWBO Lightweight
VenezuelaThe Ring Lightweight
United KingdomWBA Light Welterweight
USAWBA Light Welterweight
USAWBC Light Welterweight
UkraineWBC Light Welterweight
NamibiaIBF Light Welterweight
RussiaIBF Light Welterweight
USAWBO Light Welterweight
USAThe Ring Light Welterweight
USALineal Light Welterweight
USAWBA Welterweight
USAWBC Welterweight
USAWBC Welterweight
United KingdomIBF Welterweight
PhillipinesWBO Welterweight
USAWBO Welterweight
USAWBO Welterweight
PhillipinesLineal Welterweight
CubaWBA Light Middleweight
USAWBC Light Middleweight
USAIBF Light Middleweight
USAIBF Light Middleweight
MexicoWBO Light Middleweight
United KingdomWBO Light Middleweight
KazakhstanWBA Middleweight
KazakhstanWBC Middleweight
MexicoWBC Middleweight
KazakhstanIBF Middleweight
United KingdomWBO Middleweight
MexicoThe Ring Middleweight
MexicoLineal Middleweight
GermanyWBA Super Middleweight
RussiaWBA Super Middleweight
SwedenWBC Super Middleweight
United KingdomIBF Super Middleweight
MexicoWBO Super Middleweight
GermanyWBO Super Middleweight
USAWBA Light Heavyweight
RussiaWBA Light Heavyweight
CanadaWBC Light Heavyweight
USAIBF Light Heavyweight
RussiaIBF Light Heavyweight
USAWBO Light Heavyweight
RussiaWBO Light Heavyweight
CanadaLineal Light Heavyweight
RussiaWBA Cruiserweight
United KingdomWBC Cruiserweight
RussiaIBF Cruiserweight
RussiaIBF Cruiserweight
ArgentinaIBF Cruiserweight
RussiaWBC Cruiserweight
UkraineWBO Cruiserweight
PolandWBO Cruiserweight
United KingdomWBA Heavyweight
USAWBC Heavyweight
United KingdomIBF Heavyweight
USAIBF Heavyweight
New ZealandWBO Heavyweight
United KingdomWBO Heavyweight
United KingdomThe Ring Heavyweight
United KingdomLineal Heavyweight

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