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QUIZ: Can you name the Most Published Legion of Super-Heroes characters?

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Original/Current Legion13387
Original/Current Legion2346
Reboot Legion1398
Original/Current Legion1049
Original/Current Legion1001
Original/Current Legion962
Original/Current Legion885
Original/Current Legion744
Original/Current Legion698
Original/Current Legion689
Original/Current Legion631
Original/Current Legion578
Original/Current Legion570
Original/Current Legion549
Original/Current Legion538
Original/Current Legion535
Original/Current Legion530
Original/Current Legion497
Original/Current Legion462
Original/Current Legion450
Original/Current Legion414
Original/Current Legion383
Original/Current Legion381
Original/Current Legion370
Original/Current Legion346
Original/Current Legion313
Original/Current Legion304
Original/Current Legion212
Original/Current Legion, Substitute Heroes212
Original/Current Legion190
Original/Current Legion184
Original/Current Legion178
Original/Current Legion158
Reboot Legion156
Legion Supporting151
Reboot Legion151
Original/Current Legion147
Fatal Five142
Fatal Five140
Original/Current Legion, Substitute Heroes137
Legion Villain135
Fatal Five135
Legion Supporting124
Reboot Legion122
Legion of Super-Villains120
Legion of Super-Villains118
Fatal Five114
Reboot Legion109
Reboot Legion102
Fatal Five100
Original/Current Legion89
Legion Villain89
Reboot Legion81
Original/Current Legion76
Legion Villain75
Reboot Legion74
Substitute Heroes72
Original/Current Legion71
Legion of Super-Villains71
Legion of Super-Villains70
Legion Villain70
Original/Current Legion68
Reboot Legion65
Legion of Super-Villains65
Legion Supporting64
Substitute Heroes64
Substitute Heroes64
Original/Current Legion60
Legion Villain58
Reboot Legion55
Legion Supporting55

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