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Can you name the Most Published Justice Society characters?

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JSA Member2081
JSA Member1991
JSA Member1469
JSA Member1403
JSA Member1322
JSA Member1149
JSA Member1141
JSA Member902
JSA Member828
JSA Member687
JSA Member633
JSA Member591
JSA Member540
JSA Member499
JSA Member494
Infinity Inc458
JSA Member452
JSA Member452
JSA Member451
JSA Member443
JSA Member440
JSA Member, Injustice Society437
JSA Member404
JSA Member385
Injustice Society384
Infinity Inc, JSA Member352
JSA Member350
JSA Member341
JSA Member338
Injustice Society313
Infinity Inc, JSA Member300
JSA Member286
Infinity Inc, JSA Member276
JSA Villain255
JSA Villain251
JSA Supporting248
JSA Supporting240
Infinity Inc, JSA Member228
JSA Member222
JSA Supporting212
JSA Member194
JSA Member188
Injustice Society, JSA Supporting183
JSA Member178
JSA Supporting175
JSA Member173
Infinity Inc158
JSA Member154
Injustice Society151
Infinity Inc149
JSA Villain142
JSA Member135
JSA Villain131
JSA Villain129
JSA Villain127
JSA Supporting127
JSA Member124
JSA Member120
Injustice Society112
JSA Member110
Infinity Inc110
JSA Member108
Infinity Inc102
Injustice Society101
Injustice Society101
JSA Member100
JSA Supporting99
Injustice Society98
JSA Member97
JSA Member94
Injustice Society93
JSA Supporting87
Injustice Society82
Injustice Society81
Infinity Inc78

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