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Can you name the writers who wrote the most Green Lantern comic books (1940-2017)?

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# of issuesWriterOne selected story
88Green Lantern #21, 'Sinestro Corps War' (2007)
87Green Lantern #48, 'Emerald Twilight' (1994)
81Green Lantern #9, 'The Battle of the Power Rings' (1961)
79Green Lantern #1, 'Down to Earth' (1990)
65Green Lantern #24, 'Lights Out' (2013)
63Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #1, 'Last Will' (2010)
55Green Lantern #76, 'No Evil Shall Escape My Sight' (1970)
52Green Lantern #10, 'The Man Who Wanted the World' (1943)
48All-American Comics #16, 'The Origin of Green Lantern' (1940)
# of issuesWriterOne selected story
36Green Lantern Corps #201, 'Setting up Shop' (1986)
36Green Lantern: New Guardians #1, 'New Guardians' (2011)
35Green Lantern #154, 'Hate Crime' (2002)
32Green Lantern #23, 'Threat of the Tattooed Man' (1963)
29Green Lanterns #1, 'Rage Planet' (2016)
25Guy Gardner: Warrior #32, 'The Way of the Warrior' (1995)
24All-American Comics #90, 'The Icicle' (1947)
23Sinestro #1, 'Brightest Day, Blackest Night' (2014)

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