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Can you name the writers who wrote the most comic books starring Batman's supporting cast (1993-2016)?

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# of issuesWriterOne selected story
256Robin #1, 'Outcast' (1993)
101Azrael #1, 'Fallen Angel' (1995)
96Birds of Prey #56, 'Of Like Minds' (2003)
60Nightwing #93, 'Slow Burn' (2004)
58Catwoman #1, 'Anodyne' (2002)
47Batwing #20, 'Welcome to the Family' (2013)
42Red Hood and the Outlaws #1, 'I Fought the Law and Kicked its Butt' (2011)
42Catwoman #44, 'The One You Love' (2005)
38Red Robin #13, 'The Hit List' (2010)
36Gotham Academy #1, 'Welcome to Gotham Academy' (2014)
31Harley Quinn #1, 'Hot in the City' (2014)
# of issuesWriterOne selected story
31Batgirl #33, 'Father's Day' (2002)
29Gotham Central #1, 'In the Line of Duty' (2003)
28Nightwing #1, 'Welcome to Gotham' (2011)
27Batwing #1, 'The Cradle of Civilization' (2011)
27Robin #123, 'Nemesis' (2004)
26Batwoman #1, 'Hydrology' (2011)
26Batwoman #18, 'The Blood is Thick' (2013)
25Harley Quinn #6, 'Who Wants to Rob a Millionaire' (2001)
25Talon #1, 'The Gotham Trap' (2012)
24Batgirl #1, 'Batgirl Rising' (2009)

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