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1900 - U.S. incumbent relected as President?
1901 - First State to require automobile license plate?
1902 - Country gains indeppendence from U.S.?
1903 - These two people were the first to fly an airplane?
1904 - First successful _______ railroad track is made (later on this co. would revolutionize construction vehicles industry)?
1905 - This person published a book showing relationship between energy and mass?
1906 - President wins Nobel Peace Prize?
1907 - Major disease breaks out in SF, California?
1908 - First car built in America?
1909 - Robert Peary reaches what destination?
19010 - William D. Boyce incorporates what famous organization for young males?
1911 - U.S. Supreme Court standard oil to be an unreasonable monopoly by which Act?
1912 - This state was admitted as the 47th U.S. state?

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