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Can you name the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?

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Red Ranger (Original)
Blue Ranger
Black Ranger (Original)
Yellow Ranger (Original)
Pink Ranger (Original)
Green/White Ranger
Power Rangers Home Base
Giant Floating Head
Panickey Robot
City Where The Rangers Live
The School's Resident Bullies
Season 1 Main Villain
Season 2 Main Villain
Henchman Who Created Monsters
Henchman Who Always Fought The Rangers
The Two Bumbling Henchmen
Group Of Clay Fighters
Individual Robots The Rangers Drove
All The Zords Combined Into One
Green Ranger's Zord
Carrior Zord
Megazord + Dragonzord + Titanus =
The Rangers Lock Their Weapons Together To Form...
Goldar's Zord
Baddie That Ate Everything
Baddie That Fought With The Mutant Rangers
Baddie That Played Football
Baddie That Kidnapped The Rangers' Parents
Yellow Stinging Baddie
Baddie Based On Egyptian Architecture
Crazy Yellow Bird Baddie
Baddie That Trapped Kimberly In A Jar
Station That Power Rangers Aired On
White Ranger's Zord
White Ranger's Sword Name
Person Who Helped The Rangers Get Ninja Powers
Rita's Father
Rita's Brother
Season 2's First Villain

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