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Can you name the movies from the following plot descriptions based on an alternative interpretation of the title?

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A man commits suicide by overdosing on Viagra (the open-coffin funeral is bound to be awkward) (2 words)
An avant-garde piece about solar rays emanating from an immaculate brain (6 words)
Amid criticism from environmentalists, Neil Armstrong makes a final lunar visit to cover up his footprints using a gardening tool (1 word)
A man breaks down social barriers by attempting to woo an eye-catching rock he finds in his driveway (3 words)
A criminal makes his getaway from the city by swimming across the Hudson River (4 words)
Shepherds across the world are baffled when their herds no longer make a peep (5 words)
The history of the unsung hero of the pencil is chronicled in this documentary (1 word)
A car manufacturer completely withdraws all its models from the market (2 words)
A man has a hard time opening jars after suffering frostbite damage to one of his upper extremities (3 words)
Two teens begin a new, albeit strange, hobby of sighting locomotives (1 word)
A teen must choose what virtual representation to adopt for an online gaming account (1 word)
A woman visits a podiatrist to treat her ingrown toenails, and is thrilled with the results (2 words)
A family travels to the Canadian north and does the foxtrot with their canis lupus brethren (3 words)
A matador flashes a red fabric; his animal counterpart becomes understandably angry (2 words)
A highly-touted new laundry detergent hits the market, but is found to stain clothes blood-red (2 words)
A hardcore sports fan suffers from insomnia following the move of his beloved SuperSonics (3 words)
Satan is chosen to be on TLC's What Not To Wear; travels to New York City and receives a style makeover (4 words)
Lights change colour, cars crawl along, horns are honked, obscenities are yelled (1 word)
Several equestrians are rushed to hospital after their horse-top seats become mysteriously engulfed in flames (2 words)
A woman risks everything she has on the Daily Double during the second round of the popular gameshow (2 words)

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