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Can you name the mashed-up Harry Potter titles based on the following plot descriptions?

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A Voldemort supporter takes an innocent witch hostage because of her impure lineage; Harry and the Aurors race to save her
Harry takes up work as a waiter at the Three Broomsticks and deals with an unusual beverage request from a half-vampire
The Ministry of Magic establishes a new wizarding union with the policy of releasing no information to the public
Harry happens upon an appropriately named room in Hogwarts containing nothing but granite
Nicolas Flamel lives up to his surname and invents an everlasting flame
At the behest of Dumbledore's portrait, Harry trains Fawkes to drink out of his own special chalice
Harry rises through the Auror ranks and is admitted to this super-elite society of powerful magic-users
Hagrid designs a specialized room to raise dragons in, one where they can breathe flame without consequence
Harry and the gang set out to destroy a magical cup that instantly takes the life of anyone who drinks from it
Hermione and Harry strive to free Ron, who is held captive by a popular 80s musician and is forced to listen to 'Purple Rain' repeatedly
Harry retires and opens up a one-room museum with the Elder Wand, Invisibility Cloak and Resurrection Stone on display
Ron and Harry use all their magical prowess to rescue Hermione, who is being detained by an uncharacteristically evil Fawkes
Mundungus tries to cash in on an ordinary-looking drinking vessel when he realizes it is from the famous wizarding prison
Rita Skeeter profits from her magical new product, which causes anyone who drinks from it to speak in nothing but gossip and whispers
Harry and his Auror colleagues hunt down a magic-infused rock capable of inflicting mortal wounds on those it comes into contact with

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