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Can you name the element with the greater atomic number out of each of the following pairs?

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Element PairElementAtomic Number
Hydrogen or Copernicium?
Potassium or Sodium?
Bromine or Iodine?
Vanadium or Cobalt?
Cesium or Barium?
Platinum or Tellurium?
Magnesium or Manganese?
Copper or Nickel?
Antimony or Niobium?
Krypton or Xenon?
Tungsten or Bohrium?
Rhodium or Ruthenium?
Nobelium or Einsteinium?
Gold or Silver?
Arsenic or Astatine?
Germanium or Tin?
Plutonium or Uranium?
Rutherfordium or Roentgenium?
Iridium or Indium?
Tantalum or Selenium?
Yttrium or Ytterbium?
Actinium or Lanthanum?
Samarium or Curium?
Hafnium or Cadmium?
Americium or Europium?
Thorium or Promethium?
Mercury or Neptunium?
Zirconium or Zinc?
Thulium or Osmium?
Berkelium or Californium?

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