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Can you name the words that begin with 'Hoo'??

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A chain of restaurants made famous by its staff.
The Member of Parliament for Ashfield from 1992 until 2010.
The British band who were Worried About Ray.
A colourful bird found all over the world, notable for its distinctive 'crown' of feathers.
Peter Pan's nemesis.
The 31st President of the United States.
An apparatus in rhythmic gymnastics, or the nickname of Celtic Football Club.
According to Ricky Gervais, 'Humpty Dumpty' makes no sense - this is a perfect egg-crushing device.
The band behind 'Cracked Rear View'.
An American rock band, best known for their 2004 hit 'The Reason'.
The call of an owl.
David Cameron once allegedly advocated hugging these.
Football, especially in Britain, has had a long and difficult history with this problem.

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