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QUIZ: Can you name the Word Ladder:Football Teams?

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Clue4 letter word
Mark Sanchez plays for this team
3rd month in the Hindu calender
First name of across the Universe writer
The second letter of the Greek alphabet
The Hindustani name of a species of jasmin, Jasminum Sambac, which is often cultivated for its very fragrant flowers
Last name of inventor of the telephone
Something people wear around their pants to kepp their pants up
A biennial Eurasian plant (Beta vulgaris) grown as a crop plant for its edible roots and leaves
More than one insect that stings people and carries pollen
Clue4 letter word
More than one of a deal with money
More than one top part of apron covering the chest
A bone near your stomach
Either mint or vanilla inside with chocolate or crunch outside
More than one light touch or stroke
More than one of a male to their son
More than one of what beavers build with mud and logs
Sam Bradford plays for this team

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