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Forced Order
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Who is Ted's best friend?Easy
Who is Marshall married to?Easy
What is the bar the gang hangs out in called?Easy
What is Marshall's favourite NFL team?Easy
What is the bank Marshall and Barney both work for?Easy
What is Ted's profession?Easy
What is Marshall's dream job?Easy
Where are Lily and Marshall planning to move?Easy
What is Barney's usual choice of attire?Easy
What colour is the Mother's umbrella?Easy
Who leaves Ted at the altar?Easy
What is Robin's teenage popstar name?Easy
What city do they live in?Easy
Where does Marshall meet Lily?Easy
Where is Robin from?Easy
What is Ted's hometown?Moderate
What was Robin Sparkles' second song?Moderate
Where will Ted meet the mother?Moderate
What was the movie made about Ted and Stella's break-up called?Moderate
What does Ted think he can pull off?Moderate
What are Marshall's both late father and son called?Moderate
What was Barney and Ted's bar going to be called?Moderate
What is Ted's stepfather called?Moderate
What is Barney's father's name?Moderate
How many slaps does Marshall initially win in the slap-bet?Moderate
What was on the tie Barney was forced to wear in a bet?Moderate
Who marries Marshall and Lily?Moderate
Where did Lily go when she broke up with Marshall?Moderate
What is the name of Wayne Brady's character?Moderate
On what day did Ted and the Mother attend the same party?Moderate
What fruit did Ted wake up to after a night out?Hard
What game do Marshall and his brothers play at home?Hard
What was the name of the bartender whose funeral was on the day of Superbowl Sunday?Hard
What name does Chloe wrongly write on Barney's coffee cup?Hard
Who did Barney lose his virginity to?Hard
Who was Robin obsessed with when she was still a teen pop star?Hard
Where does Ted run into Wendy the Waitress in the future?Hard
What was the name of the drink Marshall invents?Hard
Which ex-NFL player does Barney run into when trying to find out the score of the Superbowl?Hard
Where does Don move to?Hard
What was Marshall's doppelganger called?Hard
Who was Victoria going to marry?Hard
Which season did Ted first get the yellow umbrella?Hard
What did Ted and Barney name their fake child?Hard
What is Marshall and Lily's son Marvin's middle name?Hard
Who does Marshall's friend Brad work for?Hard
What is the name of the Mother's dead boyfriend?Hard
What instrument did Max give the mother?Hard
Where does Ted propose to the Mother?Hard
What does Barney do for a living?Hard

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