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Can you name the magical remedy that would cure Madam Pomfrey's patients?

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Pomfrey's Notes:Remedy:
Second Year suffering from paralysis.
Deep gash to the side of the head inflicted by a bludger.
Potions gone wrong! A poor 6th year has poisoned themselves, act quickly!
Young girl in a cold sweat, looks like a Dementor attack.
4th year has had the bones of his leg removed!
Professor Mcgonagall has asked if there is anything to be done for her 1st year who is in the habit of lying.
Aww true love, or is it? A 3rd year seems suspiciously head of heels 'for the girl of his dreams.'
Pomfrey's Notes:Remedy:
Oh no! A 2nd year is hanging upside down by his ankle! He's in the Gryffindor common room! Now what was that counter-jinx again...
Serious acne, need some sort of lotion...
7th year bitten by a werewolf, he'll need to take this potion once a month.
Proffesor Flitwick requires treatment for a swollen face.
A highly venomous tarantula has bitten this 3rd year, he needs something to remove the fast acting poison and heal the wound.
A young girl is complaining about a cold.

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