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Viral Infections

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Immunocomp. High risk Factors
Immunocomp. Intermediate risk Factors
Immunocomp. Low risk Factors
Type of Influenza A
High risk for influenza
Influenza symptoms
Influenza Diagnosis
Influenza complications
Neuraminidase inhibitors
Oseltamivir dosing for Children over 1yo
15 kg or less 
15-23 kg 
24-40 kg 
40 kg or more 
Oseltamivir dosing for Children under 1yo
Oseltamivir for Prophylaxis
Tamiflu&Relenza SE
Relenza only 
Amantanes SE
chemoprophylax is these pts
HSV drugs
Zovirax&valtrex SE
IV, renal insufficiency 
at high doses 
Famvir&denavir SE
Orolabial HSV S/S
VZV Complications
Herpes Zoster Complications
CMV drugs
Ganciclovir induction dosing mg/kg
CrCl 50-69 
CrCl 25-49 
CrCl 10-24 
CrCl less than 10 
Ganciclovir maintenance dosing mg/kg
CrCl 50-69 
CrCl 25-49 
CrCl 10-24 
CrCl less than 10 
Foscarnet SE
electrolyte abnormality 
electrolyte abnormality 
electrolyte abnormality 

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