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Can you name the Turkish Verbs I?

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to applaud
to respect
to buy
to study
to do
to listen
to meet
to answer
to die
to fly
to stutter
to draw
to get
to see
to turn
to walk
to try
to sell
to count
to watch
to send
to learn
to create
to fight
to bury
to stand up
to run
to fry
to talk
to ask
to want
to know
to close
to divide
to dive
to remove
to go
to eat
to gather
to understand
to translate
to read
to drink
to invite
to occupy
to multiply
to give
to put on
to write
to open
to come
to congratulate
to hurry
to make peace
to comb
to swim
to cry
to work
to knot
to borrow
to smile
to sit
to blame
to erase
to say
to teach
to cook
to cut
to take
to use

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