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Can you name the grammatical error in each sentence?

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Forced Order
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This quiz is designed to ascertain your spelling and grammer abilities.
Each sentence will contain one spelling punctuation or syntax error.
It is up to you, the quiz taker, to descern the error in each sentence.
None of the questions are too difficult.
Like most Sporcle quizzes, this quiz contains some questions that are much trickier then others.
I don't know about you, but I am definately a Sporcle addict.
Penelope answered five correctly. Can you do better than her?
Apparently, this is Rogers' favorite quiz.
I hope this quiz has peaked your interest.
The reason you might not do well is because you need to pay more attention in school!
You probably could of done better if you had paid more attention.
I wish you the best of luck taking this quiz, taking today's other quizzes, and when you take older quizzes.
When taking this quiz, the answers must be guessed in order.
Do you think this sentence is too easy.
I drank a diet Pepsi while I made this quiz.
I am asking you to determine, ''What is wrong with these sentences?''
I appreciate you taking this quiz.
Its time to see how you did!

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