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A fear of spiders
Able to decay through the action of organisms
The transfer of information between people
Destruction of woodland
Above average; amazing
Indications to future events in a story
Sons and daughters of sons and daughters
Ancient Egyptian picture writing
Involving or part of more than one country
Putting things together to emphasize differences
Changing in form, pattern, colour, etc.
Country whose capital is Vaduz
Natural transformation; a story by Kafka
Foods like honey and peanut butter
One who studies birds
I'll think of a clue later
A shape with four sides
Being born again after death
Worldly-wise, with a refined education
Motion from one place to another without being anywhere in between
Wild or random
A performer who uses a dummy
Conduciveness to overall good morals
The state of almost sun-coloured
A list of inquiries whose responses can be analysed
The sport/training of picking up heavy objects
The end-goal of Buddhism
Element number 104, Rf
World's most famous dinosaur
New World warblers of genus Geothlypis
Knowledge, comprehension; a mutual agreement
Moot; barely mattering
Too certain of one's own abilities
Taking an active role, at least in an attempt
A commercial, billboard, flier, etc.
A severe mental disorder, which may include delusions or hallucinations
An expert at determining the nature and circumstances of a disease
Metals such as iron, cobalt, and nickel
A person who cares for and maintains a particular area of land
Someone who possesses both male and female genitalia
An explanation or circumstance that defends a decision
A very young child attending class with other young children
One who studies butterflies
Connect-the-dots in the night sky
The act of not eating meat
A coming-of-age story
Wickedness or villainousness
A scientist who works with numbers
Aggregate of plants and plantlike organisms in Krabbs' nemesis
One who can (allegedly) predict the future
Treating something as more magnificent than it is
Arranged in order by time
The phenomenon of spontaneously releasing energy from an atom's nucleus
An object of ridicule
A person's life story, written by that person
Pigment of blood cells that has been combined with oxygen
Listening in on the conversations of others
An older student
Pretending to be somebody else
A condition of marred appearance or excellence
Power derived from the energy of water in motion
One who conducts religious services on screen
Malignant tumor of immature nerve cells
The branch of chemistry dealing with calculating combining elements
The science or philosophy of law
Intelligent/possessing insight
The state of being really stupid; lacking a cerebrum
Awareness of awareness
Making something impervious to H2O
Highest-ranking member of the graduating class
A substance that is neither an electrical insulator nor its opposite
Intersecting at a ninety degree angle
Continual preoccupation with a particular activity, person, or object
A person who participates in the overthrow of an established government
Given free, as a gift or courtesy
Without interest, vigor, or determination
Relating to the world of nature, especially conservation
A word with thirteen letters

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