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Can you name the people places and things where the last two letters are every letter followed by every vowel?

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Penultimate LettersAnswerClue
AACelebration of African culture starting December 1966
BAFolk song, Valens' 1958 version is best known
CAdomesticated species of South American camelid, resembling a small llama
DA88 Dahl novel and a '96 film
EAEarth's first continent/supercontinent
FAA flowering plant, or one of the Little Rascals
GAOnline gaming company prevalent on Facebook, MySpace
HA80s pop band that asked anyone listening to take them on
IAU.S. state, its capital is the -ta word
JAPrecedes California in the name of a peninsula and Mexican state
KAState U.S. bought in 1868 from Russia
LAIt hangs in the back of your mouth
MAA very serious injury, whether physical, psychological or otherwise
NAMexican political leader, lived 1794-1876
OAHawaiian volcano, largest volcano in world by volume
PA10th letter of Greek alphabet
RAThe Cenozoic one began 65,500,000 years ago and continues today
SAA music, dance, or Spanish for sauce
TAU.S. state capital, the state is the -ia word
UASmall dog or a Mexican state
VAMolten rock above the earth's surface
WANorth American national capital
XAMugwort herb used in a Chinese medicinal therapy
YACountry bordered by Somalia to the east
ZAInfamous Israeli strip
Penultimate LettersAnswerClue
AILargest city in India
BIJapanese horseradish'--I'd say it's actually spicier
CIPowerful Florentine family beginning in the late 14th century
DIProtocol developed in 1982 to aid with electronic music
EILatin for Mother of God
FIBrand name for devices using IEEE 802.11 wireless standards
GIMario's brother
HIJapanese rice and seaweed dish
IIPopular encoding scheme based on Latin alphabet
JIOne of three countries beginning in F
KITannish colour common in dress pants
LIGreen vegetable
MIA giant wave; one wreacked havoc in 2004
NIGin and vermouth cocktail
OIAncient Greek term now used to refer to the masses
PIOccasional plural of octopus
RIFirst name of former Press Secretary Fleischer
SIAmerican adaptation of the ancient game Pachisi
TILots of it falls on Times Square on January 1 each year
UICapital of the Central African Republic
VIIranian dynasty from 1925 to 1979
WIA fruit, or New Zealand bird
XIIn New York City, it's a yellow vehicle
YI3 letter acronym, the Internet's 'just so you know...'
ZIGoebbels was one

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