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Missing words from Talking Heads songs, with other context for assistance.

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Talking Heads SongMissing WordMissing Word Hint
Making Flippy _____Obsolete computer disc
_____ Can't WaitRAM and ROM are types of them
_____ Is BetterFemale partner
The Big _____Musical genre of Tim McGraw or Faith Hill
_____ Killer1960 Hitchcock film
Born Under _____ (The Heat Goes On)They are thrown by boxers
_____ and Not _____Noticed
_____ _____ LifeMinnesota NHL team
This Must Be the Place (_____ Melody)Inexperienced and unsophisticated
Electric _____Instrument of Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton
The Great _____A parabola is one
_____ and PainlessSuffering from heterotropia
Don't Worry About the _____A monarchy is a type of one
Burning Down the _____TV doctor played by Hugh Laurie
And ______ WasNot he
Life During _____1941-45, for the United States
Road to _____'_____ Man' by The Beatles
Thank You for Sending Me an _____Gabriel or Michael are arch- ones
Once in a _____1930-2012, for Neil Armstrong
Take Me to the _____Nile, Amazon, or Missouri, for example

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