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Can you name the the player among each pair who has more WAR according to Baseball Reference?

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PairMore WAR
Babe Ruth or Bucky Dent?
Ted Williams or Ted Lilly?
Ken Griffey Sr. or Ken Griffey Jr.?
Chipper Jones or Andruw Jones?
Jackie Robinson or Ichiro Suzuki?
Cap Anson or Dan Brouthers?
Jim Rice or Andre Dawson?
Greg Maddux or Roger Clemens?
Cal Ripken or Brooks Robinson?
Adam Dunn or Dave Kingman?
Cy Young or Walter Johnson?
Luis Aparicio or Ozzie Smith?
Todd Van Poppel or Brien Taylor?
Dwight Gooden or Darryl Strawberry?
Mark McGwire or Sammy Sosa?
Nolan Ryan or Bert Blyleven?
Dennis Eckersley or John Smoltz?
Barry Bonds with Pittsburgh or Barry Bonds with San Francisco?
Randy Johnson with Seattle or Randy Johnson with Arizona?
1940s Stan Musial or 1950s Stan Musial?

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