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The Acme Thunderer, manufactured since 1884, is a type of what?
Levittown was the working title of which Billy Joel song?
The 1976 novel The Canfield Decision was written by which former U.S. vice president?
What is the nickname of the athletic teams at Jack Benny Middle School in Waukegan, IL?
Cobblestone County is the location of the main town in what animated TV series?
What college basketball coach was nicknamed 'The Wizard of Westwood'?
Craig MacTavish was the last NHL player allowed to play without a what?
48 pounds of barley equals one what?
In what film does Jennifer Anniston's character work at the restaurant Chotchkie's?
Chris Ford of the Boston Celtics made the first what in NBA history in 1979?
'Roary' is the mascot of what NFL team?
Little Salem, Colorado is the hometown of Orson Welles' title character in which film?
What was Elvis Presley's private jet, named for his daughter, called?
What was the job/occupation of all Seven Dwarfs?
What is the last name of the author with the first and middle names Howard Phillips?
What is the police radio code meaning 'message received'?
The character Dr. Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show was played by whom?
Which Harry Potter character has a cat named Crookshanks?
How many N's are on the Liberty Bell in the spelling of its state?
Joe Medwick was the last National League player to win what, doing so in 1937?

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