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Different documents with this same name were signed in 1763, 1783, 1815, and 1898, among other dates.Famous Documents
This single work comprises nearly 10% of the corpus of surviving old English poetry.Medieval Literature
One of the two people to make Time’s list of the 100 most influential people for both the 20th and 21st centuries.Turn of the Century
These five people, the 17th through 21st wealthiest people in the world, share this last name.Billionaires
This is the only state with 2 Jewish women currently in the U.S. Senate.The U.S. Senate
She penned Old Town Folks in 1869, but is far better known for a work from 16 years earlier.19th Century Lit
Early in his career, he was arguably the biggest star of old west action.Hollywood Anagrams
He was the only grandson of a president to become president himself.U.S. Presidents
Characters of this 1925 work include Nick, Tom, Jay, and Daisy.1920s Literature
More common name for the marine invertebrates which belong to the class Scyphozoa.The Animal Kingdom
In 1993, two men, one white and one black, from this country won the Peace Prize.Nobel Peace Prize
This container can be spelled using the postal abbr. For Florida and the chemical symbols for arsenic and potassium.Symbolic Spelling
Currency obsolete since 2002 that was spelled out in its country's name.Currency
20th cen. US president and 16th cen. French explorer whose names are one letter differentPeople in History
They were the first 2 consecutive V.P.'s to be elected to the office twice.Vice Presidents
If you look at the periodic table, take one aspect of uranium and another of helium, you can name this bandChemistry & Music
This site, founded in 1994, links to various sites such as Breitbart, Politico, and RushLimbaugh.comThe Internet
Ca. 1961, one of these could be seen from Housesteads, Shanhai Pass, and Berlin.Man-Made Structures
He scored 63 points in the playoffs against the Boston Celtics on April 20, 1986.Sports History 101
He was the most recent president to have had more than one vice president.U.S. Presidents
One of the 3 countries on which the U.S. declared war on June 5, 1942.Wars
It is the most popular radio format in the United States, and more stations use it in Tennessee than in New York.Radio
In 1999 it became the first game show in over 40 years to lead the Nielsen ratings for a full season.Television
Only one of this man's sons, Louis, lived into adulthood.9th Century Figures
Of the countries where Arabic is the official language, it is the first alphabetically.African Countries
Insect spelled using the chemical symbols of tungsten, arsenic, and phosphorus.Chemical Spelling
Born with the given names John David, his first and most famous novel was published in 1951.American Authors
He served longest as Soviet Premier.20th Century Potpourri
Born William Drayton in New York on 3/16/1959, both words of his stage name share the same first four letters.Washed Up Celebrities
Two of the three countries between Canada and Colombia that have their names in the name of their capitals.North American Geography

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