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Can you name answers related to events of the 1790s, 1890s and 1990s?

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July 9-10, 1790Either of the two participating countries in the Battle of Svensksund in the Gulf of Finland.
July 27, 1791A meeting in Fayette County, PA, opposing a tax on this substance, foreshadows a rebellion that takes its name.
April-May, 1792Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle pens this future anthem.
September 18, 1793The cornerstone to this American legislative building is laid.
July 28, 1794This Reign of Terror figure is guillotined the day after a failed suicide attempt.
June 24, 1795The U.S. Senate ratifies the Jay Treaty with this country.
March 9, 1796This man marries Joséphine de Beauharnais.
April 1797Inhabitants of this city (from which a pair of Shakespeare gentlemen hailed) rise up against the French.
October 2, 1798The Treaty of Tellico, between the United States and this Native American tribe, is signed.
December 14, 1799He passes away at Mount Vernon, Virginia, age 67.
July 2, 1890Benjamin Harrison signs this senator's Antitrust Act.
June 25, 1891This Arthur Conan Doyle protagonist first appears.
November 8, 1892This former US president wins election to a second term.
January 17, 1893This island nation's leader, Queen Liliuokalani, is forcibly overthrown.
October 15, 1894The 'affair' of this French military officer begins with his arrest.
April 14, 1895This future capital of Slovenia is hit by a magnitude 6.1 earthquake.
April 6, 1896The first modern Olympics begin in this European city.
May 14, 1897This composer's Stars and Stripes Forever is first performed.
April 25, 1898This country declares war on Spain.
October 11, 1899The second of these wars in Africa begins.
October 3, 1990The reunification of this European country is completed.
February 26, 1991Begun the year before in response to Iraq's invasion of this country, the Gulf War ends.
February 1, 1992George H. W. Bush and Boris Yeltsin formally declare the end of this conflict.
October 6, 1993This NBA superstar announces the first of what will be three retirements as a player.
May 10, 1994This man takes over as President of South Africa from F. W. de Klerk.
May 1, 1995This man wins the French presidential election.
July 5, 1996This cloned sheep is born.
June 26, 1997This woman's first novel is published in the U.K.
September 8, 1998Mark McGwire hits his 62nd home run of the season, breaking this Yankee outfielder's record.
January 31, 1999This NFL quarterback is named the Super Bowl MVP in his final game.

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