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Can you name the show that applies to each statement/item below (see note)?

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All answers will be one of the five shows listed below. PLEASE use the two-letter code rather than the full name of the show! FG-Family Guy; TS-The Simpsons; FU-Futurama; SP-South Park; KH-King of the Hill.
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Set in Colorado
Set in Rhode Island
Set in an undisclosed state
Set in Texas
Set in (New) New York
Created by Seth MacFarlane
Created by Mike Judge, Greg Daniels
Created by Matt Parker, Trey Stone
Created by Matt Groening in the 80s
Created by Matt Groening in the 90s
Characters include Hank and Peggy
Characters include Fry and Bender
Characters include Homer and Marge
Characters include Eric and Kyle
Characters include Peter and Lois
A voice actor: Dan Castellaneta
A voice actor: Isaac Hayes
A voice actor: Seth Green
A voice actor: Brittany Murphy
A voice actor: Billy West
A Classic Episode: “Jurassic Bark”
A Classic Episode: “Mr. Plow”
A Classic Episode: “Keeping Up with our Joneses”
A Classic Episode: “I Never Met the Dead Man”
A Classic Episode: “Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants”

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