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Full name
Born in this year
In this city
In 1913, he started playing for this minor league team
At this point, this was his main position
Within a year, he was sent to this big league team
In 1914, he made his debut at this stadium
In 1916, he threw 9 of these, still the record for a left-hander
He finally began playing every day in this year
From 1916-1918, he didn't allow one of these over 29 1/3 World Series innings
His last year with Boston was this year
That year, he hit 29 of these
Boston dealt Ruth to this team
Above team gave up this much cash, plus a $300,000 loan
MLB had 15 teams other than Ruth's in his first year there. He had more HR than this many of those teams.
In his second year, he hit this many HR, a record for the next 6 years
Italian fans were responsible for this one-word nickname
In 1922, he was named to this role on the team
Construction on this stadium began in 1923
It was given this 4-5 word nickname
1924 was the only year Ruth led the AL in this stat
In 1927, Ruth hit this many HR, breaking his own record from 1921
This teammate actually had more RBI in '27
August 11, 1929: Ruth reaches this career HR milestone
That season, he had begun wearing this number
Two word term for possibly apocrphyal play of 1932 W.S.
It occurred vs. this team
And this pitcher
In 1933, Ruth hit the first HR in this game's history
By 1935, he was hitting just .181 with this team
He retired after the season, with this many career HR
In 1946, Ruth came down with this illness
He passed away in this year

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