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Can you name the things either beginning or ending in 'port'?

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Capital of Benin
A common type of edible mushroom
European country, capital Lisbon
Fat, euphemistically
Largest city in Maine or Oregon, USA
One of two Caribbean capitals starting with Port
One of two Oceania capitals starting with Port
'True Grit' author Charles or NFL back Clinton
Video game with the computer GLaDOS as the villain
A word made of the beginning of one word and the ending of another
2004 film starring Gene Hackman and Ray Romano
3rd largest city in Wales, also a Rhode Island city
Any competitive activity (though some people insist NASCAR or golf don't count)
A cosmodrome, or космодром, to a Russian
It can follow book, TPS, or Colbert
Largest city in Connecticut
LAX, for one
One of the two factors of a trade deficit
Someone who ruins things for others
You need one to travel internationally

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