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The Beehive State, where Karl Malone played most of his career
Older term for the seventh day after a Christian feast day; or, University of Tasmania, for short
Possible hours a trip might reach its destination (abbr.)
French state; Louis XIV might have claimed he was it (L'____ c'est moi)
Right this instant; or, Malone's career 25.0 points per game, for example
Follows 'car' or 'ejection'
Delivered an email
A cultured man, for short; one can be dapper
First name of Rayburn, Roddenberry, or Siskel
Archaic yawn or gape, from Chaucer (homophonic with a synonym of get)
To stare intently
To tear down to the ground, often violently
A playful tease or heckle; or, a poker variant
A type of music; or, team John Stockton played his entire career for

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