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Can you name the national TV network that aired each Super Bowl?

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IIRay Scott, Pat Summerall, Jack Kemp
IIICurt Gowdy, Al DeRogatis, Kyle Rote
IVJack Buck, Pat Summerall, Frank Gifford
VCurt Gowdy, Kyle Rote
VIRay Scott, Pat Summerall
VIICurt Gowdy, Al DeRogatis
VIIIRay Scott, Pat Summerall, Bart Starr
IXCurt Gowdy, Al DeRogatis, Don Meredith, Charlie Jones
XPat Summerall, Tom Brookshier
XICurt Gowdy, Don Meredith
XIIPat Summerall, Tom Brookshier
XIIICurt Gowdy, Merlin Olsen, John Brodie
XIVPat Summerall, Tom Brookshier
XVDick Enberg, Merlin Olsen, John Brodie, Len Dawson
XVIPat Summerall, John Madden
XVIIDick Enberg, Merlin Olsen
XVIIIPat Summerall, John Madden
XIXFrank Gifford, Don Meredith, Joe Theismann
XXDick Enberg, Merlin Olsen, Bob Griese
XXIPat Summerall, John Madden
XXIIAl Michaels, Frank Gifford, Dan Dierdorf
XXIIIDick Enberg, Merlin Olsen
XXIVPat Summerall, John Madden
XXVAl Michaels, Frank Gifford, Dan Dierdorf
XXVIPat Summerall, John Madden
XXVIIDick Enberg, Bob Trumpy
XXVIIIDick Enberg, Bob Trumpy
XXIXAl Michaels, Frank Gifford, Dan Dierdorf
XXXDick Enberg, Phil Simms, Paul Maguire
XXXIPat Summerall, John Madden
XXXIIDick Enberg, Phil Simms, Paul Maguire
XXXIIIPat Summerall, John Madden
XXXIVAl Michaels, Boomer Esiason
XXXVGreg Gumbel, Phil Simms
XXXVIPat Summerall, John Madden
XXXVIIAl Michaels, John Madden
XXXVIIIGreg Gumbel, Phil Simms
XXXIXJoe Buck, Troy Aikman, Cris Collinsworth
XLAl Michaels, John Madden
XLIJim Nantz, Phil Simms
XLIIJoe Buck, Troy Aikman
XLIIIAl Michaels, John Madden
XLIVJim Nantz, Phil Simms
XLVJoe Buck, Troy Aikman
XLVIAl Michaels, Cris Collinsworth
XLVIIJim Nantz, Phil Simms
XLVIIIJoe Buck, Troy Aikman
XLIXAl Michaels, Cris Collinsworth

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