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Which subtitle, A or B, appeared first in the given film franchise?

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Star WarsA: The Empire Strikes Back
B: Return of the Jedi
Lord of the RingsA: Return of the King
B: The Two Towers
The Naked GunA: From the Files of Police Squad!
B: The Smell of Fear
Star TrekA: The Search for Spock
B: The Wrath of Khan
Austin PowersA: International Man of Mystery
B: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Pirates of the CaribbeanA: Dead Man's Chest
B: At World's End
Ace VenturaA: When Nature Calls
B: Pet Detective
Free WillyA: The Adventure Home
B: The Rescue
Spy KidsA: All the Time in the World
B: Game Over
TerminatorA: Judgement Day
B: Rise of the Machines
Resident EvilA: Apocalypse
B: Afterlife
HighlanderA: Endgame
B: The Quickening
Police AcademyA: Citizens on Patrol
B: Back in Training
X-MenA: Last Stand
B: First Class
A Nightmare on Elm StreetA: Dream Warriors
B: Freddy's Revenge

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