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Missing words from Creedence Clearwater Revival songs, with other context for assistance.

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CCR SongMissing WordMissing Word Hint
_____ ShadowGrave marker
Down on the _____An intersection of roads
Sweet _____Someone who tries to catch a ride from a stranger
Born on the _____Slow moving river or stream
_____ Around the Bend2009 Pixar film with Ed Asner
It Came Out of the _____Place for clouds
Lookin' Out My _____ DoorSpine location
_____ LamentBelonging to a seaman
Wrote a _____ for EveryoneEverything in the left column is one of these
_____ Never ComesUndefined point in the future
_____ SonLucky
Suzie _____17th letter of Latin alphabet
_____ RiverAdditive primary color
Proud _____Tyler Moore or J. Blige
Bad _____ RisingEarth's natural satellite
Run Through _____ _____1906 Upton Sinclair novel
_____ TambleTo drone on endlessly
Hey _____This evening
Long As I Can See the _____Its speed is the c in E=mc2
Who'll Stop the _____Liquid precipitation

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