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 In reality, [this movie] is like a sewage pump for every idiotic Prison Movie cliché ever made.
 Why did the film makers deliberately sanitize the criminal aspect of the Corleone family? Are they apologists for crime? I think they are.
 some unscrupulous soul was able to convince Sergio Leone that he was a creator of great cinema, instead of a creator of great westerns; this movie was the result.
 I liked Reservoir Dogs - it had an interesting plot, interesting characters and above all decent actors to pull it off. I just don't understand why people have to leap onto [this movie] like a randy dog, and cry when people tell them off for doing so.
 Thank God, mr Spielberg avoided the 'gassing scene' in the shower room at Auschwitz
 It must have been the cheapest movie ever made, just 12 guys in ONE ROOM for the entire 90 minutes.
 You're in a dream for crying out loud! What's to stop you from being there *right now*? An 'Ascending and Descending' staircase, stolen shamelessly from Escher in lieu of any original idea...*that* works, but a *shortcut* contradicts the laws of physics?
 There was no brilliant scheme in the mind of the main character. Just another retard in a mental institution. And then there is this 'evil' nurse who 'wins' the movie. Now why the hell did I just waste 2 hours watching some stupid b*tch control weak men?
 The cell phone gag was insanely unbelievable and felt totally out of place, both thematically and in comparison to the attempted realism that Nolan was trying to evoke throughout the rest of the film.
 Lucas using Joesph Cambell to lend credibility to this crap was a sin.
 i don't get the point with all that:11 Oscars, 9/10 on IMDb.. but WHAT? this is sensed to be something artistic? some postal card landscapes and ridiculous one liners
 The best way to think of this movie, though, is as the Japanese Citizen Kane: classic, original, and vastly overrated.
 Typically over-directed David Fincher nonsense.Is he actually able to direct a movie that isn't dank, grimy and depressing?
 This is actually quite a nasty film, with no likable characters at all - it's made from Henry Hill's perspective (played by Ray Liotta) but I didn't like him; I'm not sure whether he was supposed to come across sympathetically but he didn't to me.
 First off, I actually did feel excited during the yellow bordered title sequence, I mean the theme music kicked in and I thought I was really in for a something special. My God was I wrong. This film is unwatchable.
 The movie is predictable, the lines are predictable, Bogart chain smokes all the time. The ending is predictable. The acting is stiffed. People watching the plane flying over looks like they were acting.
 It makes me embarrassed to be Brazilian, because it makes it look like we are all criminals.
 This movie was entirely too long and had virtually no plot! The trilogy, I will grant, has a strong plot, and I believe the next two will be better, however, [this movie] was nothing more than traveling and fighting. (2002)
 simply put-a violent saga of the Old West. Yes, Henry Fonda tackles a role far different from his normal stuff, but in reality-it was a big step down for an actor who showed far greater acting in roles like The Wrong Man, Mister Roberts and On Golden Pond
 Feeding McCarthyism...Blatantly, Hitchcock was glorifying voyeurism and exploiting contemporary fears.
 Lucas and Spielberg claim to be reviving the B movie adventure serials of the thirties, but there is something horribly ingenuous here.
 To question the realness of reality is a 400-year old Cartesian idea. Actually, it was explored more interestingly in the old Star Trek episode 'Spectre of the Gun' in 1969.
 What, pray-tell, is soooo scary about a man in a dress weilding a kitchen knife? No atmosphere, painfully tedious dialog, and a slow moving plot make this 'classic' not worth seeing. how could anyone be frightned by this piece of rubbish?
 Ignore the plot, there is none. The only spoiler is: The whole move is the invention of Verbal/Keyser who is trying to confuse the cop he is telling the story to...and us the audience.
 oming after the great and truly brilliant manhunter, this has to be one of the most over rated films ever

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