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Can you name the answers related to these geographic naming disputes?

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The name 'British Isles' is disliked by some in this country
The 1990 'Hyphen War' was a dispute about how to punctuate this formerly communist country while it was still united
The U.S. and Alaskan governments have different names for this 20,320-foot peak
Many cities in this former British colony have been renamed since independence, including Bombay
Some would prefer use of this name, used until 1935, instead of Iran
Greece opposes the name of this former Yugoslav Republic
This South African capital was nearly renamed Tshwane
North and South Korea prefer different names for this sea
Alternative names for this part of the U.K. include Ulster and the North
Judea and Samaria Area is the official Israeli term for this region
Some oppose this name for the body of water between Iran and the Arabian peninsula

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