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QUIZ: Name the words found in the word 'HOLIDAY.'

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Commercial (2)
Much ___ About Nothing (3)
Grab _____ of the railing (5)
With Chips, a brand of cookie (4)
French for 'I have,' J'__ (2)
Help (3)
Gore or Green (2)
Seven times a week (5)
24 hours (3)
Part of an old phone, or a brand of soap (4)
Paper or lace openwork (5)
Video game series begun in 2001 (4)
___ fever, or barn stuffer (3)
Revered (4)
Georgetown University student/athlete (4)
Purposelessly (4)
Graven image (4)
Gentleman's counterpart (4)
Frito-___ (3)
Container topper (3)
Can follow pay- or work- (4)
Interjection of surprise (2)
Sold by the barrel (3)
Can precede Yeller or Faithful (3)
Yiddish interjection of frustration (2)
Informal you (__ think?) (2)
Informal greeting (2)

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