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People who died or are thought to have died due to, or soon after, a pulmonary embolism.

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Character actor (Midnight Run; Get Shorty; Law & Order)1944-2013
Historian ('The Civil War: A Narrative') and novelist1916-2005
Australian-American actor (Captain Blood, and 7 other films with Olivia de Havilland)1909-1959
Author (Dune series)1920-1986
Mexican artist known for self portraits and marriage to Diego Rivera1907-1954
Voiceover artist known for movie trailers beginning 'In a world...'1940-2008
Organist for Deep Purple, Whitesnake, and others1941-2012
Stand-up comedian and actor carjacked in Seinfeld finale1964-2014
Shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald1911-1967
Actor (It's a Wonderful Life; Rear Window; Vertigo)1908-1997
First openly gay U.S. congressman1937-2006
NFL linebacker, Kansas City Chiefs, 1989-19991967-2000

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