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1991 R.E.M. hit from Out Of Time album
1985 John Hughes-directed film which led to a popular TV series of the same name
1983 Huey Lewis and the News Album (featured 'I Want a New Drug')
A top-selling game of 2006 on account of bundling with Nintendo's new console
Jim McKay-hosted ABC series from 1961-98 which showcased lesser-known competitions
Third track of Green Day's 2004 American Idiot album
Two-word term for non-verbal communication, often studied in psychology
New Age band best known for 1977 Marquee Moon album
1993-98 children's TV program, on subjects ranging from The Sun to Dinosaurs
1999-04 cartoon created by Brendan Small featuring H. Jon Benjamin
1981 Mel Brooks movie, set from dawn of man to French Revolution
1965 winner Academy Award for Best Picture

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