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Can you name answers related to events of the 1780s, 1880s and 1980s?

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October 11, 1780This now-British general's letter, “To the Inhabitants of America,” is published.
October 19, 1781General Cornwallis surrenders to General Washington after a three-week siege of this Virginia city.
March 20, 1782He resigns as Prime Minister of Great Britain after a vote of no confidence.
August 4-5, 1783Mount Asama in this country erupts, exacerbating an ongoing famine.
July 31, 1784This Enlightenment philosopher and key contributor to Encyclopédie dies in Paris.
May 10, 1785One of these crashes in Ireland, in the first known aviation disaster.
June 19, 1786This American Revolution general, best known for his southern campaign vs. Cornwallis, dies of sunstroke in Georgia.
September 17, 1787A Philadelphia convention officially adopts this document for ratification.
January 1, 1788London's Daily Universal Register publishes under this new name.
July 14, 1789This nearly-empty prison is stormed in Paris.
April 21-23, 1880This British Prime Minister's second term gives way to Gladstone's second.
July 2, 1881This man is shot by Charles Guiteau and dies 2 1/2 months later.
May 2, 1882The Pittsburgh Alleghenys, later known by this nickname, begin play in the American Association.
May 24, 1883This bridge opens to traffic.
January 5, 1884Princess Ida, a musical by this duo, debuts.
February 5, 1885King Leopold II of this European nation establishes the Congo Free State as his personal holding and exploits it for 23 years.
May 15, 1886This New England poet dies at age 55.
June 20, 1887This monarch celebrates her Golden Jubilee.
November 6, 1888This Democrat wins the popular vote but loses his reelection bid for U.S. President. (He'd regain the office in four years, though.)
May 31, 1889The South Fork Dam in this Pennsylvania town fails, leading to mass flooding.
July 19, 1980The Summer Olympics begin in this city without the participation of the United States and 64 other countries.
March 30, 1981President Ronald Reagan is shot in Washington, DC by this would-be assassin.
April 2, 1982Argentinian forces invade this island group, beginning a 2-month war with the U.K.
October 23, 1983Nearly three hundred American and French soldiers are killed in this Lebanese capital.
December 2, 1984This Miami Dolphins quarterback throws his record-breaking 37th touchdown pass of the season, and ends the year with 48.
March 11, 1985He succeeds Konstantin Chernenko as Soviet Premier.
February 7, 1986Jean-Claude Duvalier is overthrown as President of this Caribbean nation.
October 19, 1987This stock market index falls 508 points, nearly 25%.
May 8, 1988This President of France wins reelection.
June 4, 1989Protests in this Beijing space are shut down by a declaration of martial law.

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